Spotlight: Dr. Girish Kulkarni 

Dr. Girish Kulkarni is the recipient of a $300,000 Movember Clinician Scientist award for 2012. He is taking a unique look at prostate cancer treatment by studying personalized medicine at Princess Margaret Hospital. 

Here’s a closer look at Dr. Kulkarni’s work.

There are some risks associated with prostate biopsy, including pain, problems with urination or infection. Dr. Kulkarni’s research will develop models to identify when prostate biopsy could be delayed, such as with patients most likely to have a negative biopsy or a very low-risk prostate cancer where treatment would not be recommended. Patients and clinicians will be able to use these models for personalized clinical decision-making.

We talked with Dr. Kulkarni about his views on prostate cancer research:

What does the funding for the Clinician Scientist award mean to you?
This is an extremely important award for me. It will help protect my time so I can devote all of my energies to prostate cancer research. It will provide support to answer important questions in prostate cancer research. Finally, it will help launch my research career and establish my trajectory as a prostate cancer scientist. 
How does research funding help scientists in Canada?
Research funding is integral to advancements in prostate cancer research. With government research funding cutbacks in the current economic climate, funds by organizations such as PCC will help scientists across the country continue to perform groundbreaking research that will ultimately decrease the burden prostate cancer places on patients.
What are your views on the future of prostate cancer research in Canada?
I think prostate cancer research is going to take off in Canada over the next 5 years. With the success of fundraising campaigns spearheaded by PCC, support in all domains of prostate cancer research will be possible and will ultimately benefit patients in Canada and abroad.

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