Research Strategic Plan 2012-2015

Significant progress has been made over the past few years to improve our understanding of prostate cancer. Many of these findings have resulted in improved methods to detect and treat the disease. However, there is still much to understand about the topic, including:
  • What is the exact cause of prostate cancer?
  • How can it be detected earlier?
  • How can prostate cancer be treated more effectively and with fewer side effects?
  • How can men and their families be supported throughout their prostate cancer journey?
Continued research efforts are important in all of these areas to provide the necessary evidence to improve prevention, detection, treatment and survivorship. With this in mind, Prostate Cancer Canada developed a Research Strategic Plan identifying key strategic priorities for research as well as the specific research programs that will be supported.
Over the next three years, the goals of the strategy are to:
  1. Outline strategic investments in prostate cancer research that will have the greatest impact on the disease.
  2. Develop innovative programs that build and sustain an outstanding Canadian prostate cancer research community.
  3. Train and help retain the next generation of prostate cancer research leaders.

The strategy is shaped by the following principles. The strategy will:
  1.  Build on and leverage existing prostate cancer research projects and infrastructure in Canada.
  2.  Establish rigorous peer-review processes to ensure only the highest-quality research is supported.
  3.  Provide opportunities for provincial, national and international partnerships by being informed by the CCRA Pan-Canadian Cancer Research Strategy.
  4. Develop robust evaluation indicators to assess performance of programs and the overall strategy.
  5. Respond to opportunities that arise in prostate cancer research.
  6. Achieve results that strengthen the ability to raise additional funds for research.
To read the entire Research Strategic Plan 2012-2015, please click here. 

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